Fengqing Ancient Tree Spring Chun Jian Raw Pu-erh Cake Tea 2012


Product Description

  • Produced in Fengqing(凤庆), Lincang, Yunnan, China
  • Made of 100% pure one bud with one to three tea leaves from 500 to 1000 years old ancient Large-leaf Species.
  • Pressed into well-proportioned cake shape.
  • Leaves Hand-picked between March 10, 2012 and April 20, 2012.
  • Bright yellowish green color, taste soft of first sip, smooth, quick sweet after-taste.
  • Dark green and bloom
  • Manufacture: Yunnan Fengqing Sanning Tea Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Production Date: July, 2012

     Only the fresh leaves from the ancient 500-1000 years old Fengqing large leaf tree species are used to make Ancient Chun Jian Puerh tea. These leaves are cropped carefully by the major skillful workers within March 10th and April 20th. This is the time for picking Ming Qian tea and Yu Qian tea and are called Chun Jian. Ming Qian tea is famous for containing high levels of amino acid. It has mellow flavor and high fragrance. On the other hand, Yu Qian tea carries a faint bitter taste and is fragrant. Ancient Chun Jian Raw Puerh tea presents the combination of the two above mentioned teas. It reveals even shape, strong aroma and bright yellowish green color. The first sip tastes so soft with light bitter aftertaste. After the liquid is swallowed, you will feel the sweetness that will last for long time, making you salivate.

     Here is what we define as an ancient tree: we refer to a wild, semi-wild or artificial cultivated tree of over 100 years old. These rare and precious trees grow in Fengqing. When they were planted long ago, the croppers only picked them from time to time and did some random shaves instead of fertilizing the soil and spraying insecticides. This way these trees survived until present days.

     The basic of tea culture is infusion, especially in Puerh teas. Ancient Chun Jian Raw Puerh needs 15 minutes of infusion and brewing in Chinese gongfu way. It adds a special pleasant aroma. The aroma performance of other Pu-erh raw cakes is not so high. In case you are familiar with Pu-erh teas, you should easily define the differences with other raw teas. We strongly recommend this tea to Pu-erh lovers. Ancient Chun Jian is produced from this year’s spring leaves – which makes it a good part of your Pu-erh collection.

     The cake or brick is wrapped in a thin tissue paper to protect the tea from drying and foreign odors; however it is thin and breakable. This paper is not really long lasting. It will wear off and tear during long time storage and oxidization.

     It is better to keep the Pu-erh tea in a sealed bag or box to keep it away from air.

Chinese Gongfu Way

Water: 3oz / 85ml

212℉ / 100℃

Use 10g Tea

21 steeps: rinse,5s, 5s, 13s, 13s,15s,15s,15s…

Additional Information


Sample (10g*2), 1cake (357g), 2 cakes, 3 cakes, 7 cakes


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