Fengqing Chun Xiang Raw Pu-erh Cake Tea 2008


Product Description

Place of origin: Fengqing, Lincang, Yunnan
Tea type: Pu-erh tea, cake tea
Harvest Time: In spring, 2008
Production Date: In May, 2008
Net wet: 200 g
Dry Tea: Compressed cake type, some parts of the surface has begun to turn red
Aroma: Fresh, typical raw pu-erh tea flavor
Liquid: orange-yellow
Mouthfeel: rough, little bitter, brisk, sweet aftertaste, thirst quenching
Species: Meng ku large-leaf tree
Tree age: 50 – 60 years
Tea Garden: Ximu(昔木) tea garden
Caffeine scale: medium
Storage: Store in cool, dry place away from sunlight; keep ventilated
Shelf life: Long-term preservation

     Hao Ji raw pu-erh cake tea was made by aging it for about eight years. After such a long time it carries the same “ardent” flavor like the unique raw pu-erh tea. Due to the tight compression of this tea cake the aging process normally has a slower term. Thus, only a tiny volume of outer leaves have begun to turn red after 8 years of processing. You can store this cake for another two years to obtain a better and mature taste or if you want to feel the original raw pu-erh tea flavor you can drink it right now.

Recommend Brewing Guide

Western Method

Teapot: 12 oz / 355 ml

212℉ / 100℃

Use 5 Grams Tea

Brewing time: 3 – 5 mins

Chinese Gongfu Way

Water: 3.3 oz / 100 ml

212℉ / 100℃

Use 8g Tea leaves

8 steeps : rinse, 10s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 60s, 90s, 120s, 160s

Additional Information


Sample (10g * 2), 1 cake (200g), 2 cakes, 3 cakes, 7 cakes


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