Lapsang Souchong Smoky Black Tea (Yan Xun Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong)


Product Description

A smoky flavored black tea

  • Produced in Wuyi Mountain, Fujian, China
  • Harvest Time: April 12, 2015
  • Tree species: Da Bai Hao (Pekoe)
  • Apperance: tight strip
  • Smoky and pine smell which has a deep red, bright liquor
  • Taste: smoked taste, mellow, sweet aftertaste
  • Low caffeine (less than 10% of a cup of coffee)

Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong (Lapsang Souchong) is made by de-enzyming fresh tea leaves and smoking them with pine wood afterwards. The special trait of this tea is that the smoked leaves will look dark brown after this special manufacture, making the liquid bright red.

The materials for smoking process of Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong (Lapsang Souchong) are pine wood or pine charcoal from Tongmu kuan in Wuyi mountain. These materials are used because of the amount smoke when burning, infusing the tea with strong capability of absorption. We recommend this tea for strong flavor tea lovers, because Lapsang Souchong tea has a heavy flavor of smoked and pine after being produced by hands and machines.

Recommend Brewing Guide

Western Method

Teapot: 17 oz / 500 ml

194℉ / 90℃

Use 6 Grams Tea

Brewing time: 1-5 mins

Chinese Gongfu Way

Gaiwan: 3 oz / 85 ml

194℉ / 90℃

Use 5 Grams Tea

7 steeps : rinse,15s,25s,40s,60s,90s,120s,180s

Rinsing time is around 3 seconds

Additional Information

Zip Bag

Sample 14g (7g * 2), 100g (3.5oz), 200g (7oz), 500g (17.5oz)


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