Liu An Gua Pian Green Tea


Product Description

A classic, unique hand-made Chinese green tea

  • From Qiyun Mountain(齐云山), Liu’an, Anhui province
  • Harvest Time: April 26, 2015
  • production method: Hand-made
  • Round shaped, vibrant leaves without any bud or stems
  • Produces a bright emerald coloured tea
  • A distinctive taste – sweet with a rich, slightly spicy taste
  • Low caffeine (less than 10% of a cup of coffee)

     Liu’an Guapian is a great tea with its own character. Like the other great teas, Liu’an Guapian is on China’s top 10 teas list. This type of tea is made only from mature large leaves with further rolling them during the processing stage. The shape of the dry leaves is distinctively plump. It’s Chinese name is the perfect description: “melon seeds”. Liu’an Guapian has sweet taste with strong aroma combining some smoky, spicy tang, which is not too characteristic for a green tea.

Recommend Brewing Guide

Western Method

Teapot: 17oz / 500ml

185℉ / 85℃

Use 3-4 Tablespoons / 8 Grams Tea

3 – 5 mins

Chinese Gongfu Way

Gaiwan: 3oz / 85ml

185℉ / 85℃

Use 4 Grams Tea

3 steeps : rinse,30s,60s,90s,120s

Rinsing time is around 5 seconds
Uncover when brewing can have better flavor

Additional Information

Zip Bag

Sample 10g (5g * 2), 100g (3.5oz), 200g (7oz), 500g (17.5oz)


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