Nonpareil Anxi Qing Xiang TieGuanYin Oolong Tea


Product Description

Carefully selected 100% hand-made Tie Guan Yin

  • Grown in Houtian(后田), Long Juan, Anxi in Fujian Province
  • Harvest Time: October 16, 2015
  • Crafting: Hand-made
  • Dry tea is in forest green color, has strong orchid aroma.
  • Tea Liquid: bright yellowish green
  • Flavor: Tastes fresh and lovely. The fragrance of orchid will be tasted from first sip. It feels clean and mellow in mouth, has sweet aftertastes and long-lasting flavor.

     This year’s Nonpareil Anxi Qing Xiang TieGuanYin Oolong Tea is made of the finest tea leaves and manufactured in better growing areas. Anxi County usually arise the thought of “Iron Goddess”, Anxi Tie Guan Yin. It is a widely knows tea all over the world. Tie Guan Yin has green color like forest and fresh pure aroma. Anxi Qing Xiang TieGuanYin has bright transparent liquor – a feast to the eye. A slight sweetness of aftertaste follows sweet and long-lasting aroma.

Certificate of Analyze by Eurofins

Recommend Brewing Guide

Western Method

Teapot: 17 oz / 500 ml

212℉ / 100℃

Use 1 Tablespoon / 8 Grams Tea

Brewing time: 1 – 4 mins

Chinese Gongfu Way

Gaiwan: 3 oz / 85 ml

212℉ / 100℃

Use 7 Grams Tea

7 steeps : rinse,25s,55s,75s,90s,100s,120s,160s

Rinsing time is around 5 seconds

Additional Information

Zip Bag

Sample 7.5g, 50g (1.75oz), 100g (3.5oz), 200g (7oz), 500g (17.5oz)


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